Reimagining beverage packaging. 

We are a highly passionate team of craft beverage lovers, experts in our fields and we love to print your cans.


We know how much love you have put into your product. That same passion drives us to deliver the perfectly decorated beverage can.


NOMOQ stands for No Minimum Order Quantity.

We make "1" the new minimum order quantity of your printed can(s) and believe that this offers you, our craft beverage customer, a fantastic opportunity to revolutionize the market.

Join us to reimagine beverage packaging together!

Meet the team 

Peter Stein.jpg

CEO & Co-Founder

Peter Stein

Entrepreneur with passion for IPAs and other crafted beverages. Background in mechanical and industrial engineering.

Albrecht Haake.jpeg

COO & Co-Founder

Albrecht Haake

Extensive experience in setting up production, logistics and operations. Doctorate in mechanical engineering. Worked together with Peter and Gabriela on a successful start-up before.

Gabriela Andrei.jpeg

CPTO & Co-Founder

Gabriela Andrei

Over 15 years of experience in building web platforms. Software engineer with strong sense for customer needs.

Patrick Schweizer.jpeg

CCO & Co-Founder

Patrick Schweizer

Marketing and business development hero. Beverage-specific know-how from 10 years at Coca-Cola and Carlsberg.


Product Engineer

Stefan Castrischer

No-code/Low-code Hero and entrepreneur bringing together engineering, business acumen and empathy in a unique combination to quickly bring to life amazing digital experiences.


Pre-print Expert

Konstantin Schwarzkopf

Pre-print expert with strong Illustrator and Photoshop skills, in-depth experience in digital printing and great aesthetic sensitivity.


Machine Operator

Dennis Bauch

Trained machine operator with extensive knowledge of our printing machine and peripheral systems.


UX/UI Designer

Sara Jamróg

User experience freak who loves to explore the human psyche and behaviour. Passionately combines psychological knowledge with scientific approach, and eye pleasing designs to deliver the sweetest digital experiences.


Online Marketing Manager

Stefano Nucera

Years of Online Marketing with a constant evolution patter.

My marketing/life rules? Easy, personal, “why not?”
Pop with an indie flavour.



Phil Hodges

Beverage industry executive and senior advisor with in-depth supply chain and finance knowledge. Representative of the equity investors. Providing strategic advice and business insight to the management team on major decisions.



Frank Cervi

Senior executive from the food & beverage industry with broad experience in supply chain & engineering. Our "shoulder to cry on" in case something doesn't go the way we want it to.



Dr. Markus Fohr

Dr. Markus Fohr is the German

master of beer sommeliers, a certified member of the Institute of Masters of Beer and a beer journalist with many published specialist articles and books. He also heads

the Lahnsteiner Brewery, which has been family-owned since 1667.

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it will be our pleasure to 

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