What does it cost?

1, 1'000, 100'000 cans? Single or multiple designs? Full matte, full gloss, with selective gloss or metallic finish? Want some ends too? All our cans are BPA-ni.

We deliver your designed aluminium can with a single unit price and tailor made to your dreams.

List prices
Starting from £0.231 per printed can
Std. 330ml
/ printed can
Std. 440ml
/ printed can
Std. 500ml
/ printed can
Sleek 330ml
/ printed can
Slim 250ml
/ printed can
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Larger volume prices
Do you plan to order a larger annual volume of 150k, 500k, 1 million or more across different variants?
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Your final quote will depend on several factors, such as: destination, method of delivery, chosen extras (DPG, quantity of ends). If you would like to get more details about our price list, feel free to reach us anytime or simply request a quote.

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