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How does it work?

Three simple steps

1 - Sample it

Get a sample with your own artwork

2 - Approve it

Approve the sample when it meets with your expectations

3 - Order it
Order and reorder the cans that have been approved

What size cans do you print on?

Our can printer prints on 330ml, 440ml and 500ml standard, plus Slim 250ml and Sleek 330ml aluminium cans. Do you want to know when new size will be released? Sign up to our newsletter (link) or following us on Instagram.

Do you sell ends (lids)?

Yes, we sell aluminium lids at 680 pieces per roll for 330ml, 440ml and 500ml standard cans and 650 pieces per roll for 250ml slim cans.

How much does it cost?

Our printed aluminium cans start at 26.7 cents each. Please refer to the Cans page for more details nomoq.com/cans.

What is the minimum order quantity?

We are called NOMOQ: NO Minimum Order Quantity, so there is no minimum order quantity.

However, to make transportation more cost and energy efficient, we recommend loading the truck with pallets containing 360 cans per layer.

What is your typical lead time?

Our lead times average at three weeks after artwork approval and receipt of payment.

What are your payment terms?

We require payment before we can get to work printing your cans.

What cans do you use?

Our cans are sourced from Ardagh Metal Packaging Europe and are manufactured in Europe. If you need more information, please reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Do I need to ship cans to you for printing?

Nope! Our cans live in our warehouse in Kirchheimbolanden (Germany), where our can printer also resides and brings all your can-related dreams to life. We are not a simple digital printer, we will provide you with the highest quality of the finished product ready to fill.

How do I get a sample can with my artwork on it?

It’s easy! Simply create a user profile, upload your artwork and take a sit while we’ll do the rest. We aim to print all sample cans within a week, at no cost to you.

Make sure you upload your design as an editable PDF format, taking care to follow our guidelines on our template (this includes keeping the original layer structure with our ‘Spot Varnish’ and keeping ‘Your Artwork’ layers separate).

Remember, a high quality file leads to a high quality print!

Do I arrange freight or do you?

As you prefer, but we will happily source quotes from multiple freight brokers and arrange freight for you.

What logistic units do you use?

We ship our printed aluminium cans on 1250mm x 1180mm pallets. Maximum height is 2400mm, but we can adjust the height if you’d like us to do it.

How many cans fit on a pallet?

Depending on the size of the can, each pallet will carry the following:

6,480 330ml standard cans per full pallet

5,040 440ml standard cans per full pallet

4,320 500ml standard cans per full pallet

Can I fit multiple designs on a pallet?

YES! We’re all about reducing transportation emissions, so if you have multiple designs to squeeze onto a pallet, we’re more than happy to facilitate.

How many pallets go in a full truckload?

Ten pallets (1180mm x 1250mm) make up a full truckload.

Where do you print the cans?

The place where we perform all our digital can printing magic is: NOMOQ GmbH, Morschheimerstrasse 15, 67292 Kirchheimbolanden, Germany.

Can you print the DPG (Deutsches Pfandsystem GmbH) label on my can?

We are working hard to become the first digital printing company, working with beverage cans, to be approved as an ink user. Currently, we expect to offer this service in the first half of 2023. Please follow us on social media or our newsletter if you’d like to be the first to know about the launch of this service.

Why are digitally printed beverage cans more sustainable than sleeved or labelled ones?

There are a couple of important reasons why digital printed aluminium cans are more sustainable than sleeved or labelled ones:

• Higher economic value of the recycled aluminum (no contamination)

• Better recoverability of the aluminum (e.g. sleeved cans mistaken for a plastic container and sorted out during the recycling process)

• Less down time of recycling machinery due to plastics

• No hazardous emissions during the de-lacquering thermal treatment when plastics or adhesive are burnt

The Aluminium Association has published a design guide for aluminum containers  (https://www.aluminum.org/sites/default/files/2021-10/AA_ContainerDesignGuide.pdf) that highlights these points and recommends how to enable best recyclability e.g. by using "...emerging small scale digital printing technology" that "has advanced to the point of being price competitive with shrink wrapped cans while maintaining the recyclability of the aluminum.

Furthermore they also confirm the points above: "The use of plastic labels, shrink sleeves and lids may impact the apparent conductivity of aluminum containers and, therefore, reduce the collection rate during eddy current separation. Aluminum cans with PET sleeves could also be incorrectly identified as PET by optical scanners and be lost as PET prior to eddy current separation. As contaminants in the aluminum recycling stream increase, the economic value of recycling decreases, reducing incentives for aluminum container recycling."

How sustainable are aluminium cans in comparison to bottles?

‘For good reasons, different suitable beverage packaging is used depending on the type of beverage and on the type the beverage is
consumed which does not allow to give a simple answer to this question. (https://www.newsd.admin.ch/newsd/message/attachments/36446.pdf).

Aluminium cans are easy to transport and 90% are recycled (note by the author: in Switzerland), but the production costs for primary aluminium are relatively high. The fact that the ecological profile of the aluminium can is competitive with other beverage packaging is due to its light weight and high recycling rate.
It is the option with a lower environmental impact than one-way glass bottles and thus the most ecological option for beer in many shopping centres.

Transport efficiency is one main lever which compares for different packaging (all 330 ml) for a 32 ton truck as follows:

• 21'000 litres in cans

• 9'850 litres in glass multi-use bottles

• 13'650 litres in glass one-way  bottles

Returnable glass bottles are a very good option when the return of the containers can be assured and when it takes place on short distance. The study mentioned above states: "From more than 230 km, it no longer makes sense from an environmental point of view to use returnable glass bottles."

One-way glass bottles are in any case among the beverage packaging with the highest environmental impact. This is mainly due to the high weight of one-way glass bottles and the fact that, although the bottles are used only once and the fact that although the bottles are recycled after a single use, they have to be melted down again at 1600 °C, which requires a lot of energy. From this point of view, the suitability for disposal is less good than for other types of packaging.

Based on the study it can be summarised that aluminium beverage cans are significantly more sustainable than one-way glass bottles and achieve a similar or better outcome in comparison to returnable glass bottles when these are transported for 230 km or more.

Can NOMOQ's printed cans be pasteurised?

Yes, our cans are suitable for standard pasteurisation processes up to a temperature of 75 degrees Celsius. If you use special pasteurisation processes with high temperature, special chemicals or long durations, please contact us. We are happy to help or provide you with samples for testing.

How long is NOMOQ's printed cans guaranteed shelf life after delivery?

NOMOQ delivers just in time to customers. We guarantee 6 months shelf life of the printed cans' body after delivery at your place.

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