Falken: the 10 anniversary can is printed digitally

Falken pioneered the beer industry 10 years ago with a modern canning line, and does it again with a digitally printed alluminum can

10 years ago Brauerei Falken had the courage to be the first independent brewery to invest in a canning line. The largely automated line, which went into operation on November 26, 2012, is one of the most modern filling lines of its kind in Switzerland and nearby countries.  The anniversary beer is packaged in digitally printed and we are happy to have been partnering with Falken for this awesome project.

The canning line has a filling capacity of 15,000 cans per hour with the possibility of filling 33cl, 50cl traditional cans as well as sleek variants. And if not enough Falken's line cah also handle other formats with only a small amount of changeover. But this is not serving the Falken's drinks, many other breweries have also the option of having their own beer filled in cans from the same facility.

The 10th Anniversary Can

In the last 10 years, approximately 172,000,000 cans have been filled at the Falken Brewery. This makes the Falken Brewery an excellence center for cans in Switzerland. 

To mark this cheerful occasion, Falken decided to produce a small celebratory can filled with the traditional Falken Lager. 

Bright yellow and finely filtered, this beer is a delight to the eye. Slightly aromatic on the nose, it develops a pleasant bitterness in the mouth.

Falken demonstrates innovative spirit not only in its can filling, but also in its choice of can supplier. 

Of course we had the honour to serve Falken in their new adventure, being proud of being chosen by a pioneer of the beer industry.

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