Vetra: Birra da Strada

Stepping foot into Vetra Brewery and feeling home right away. Attitude, culture, vibes, music and tasty beers.

Birra da Strada. The Italian way to say Street Beer or, maybe, a Beer from the Street. That's the claim you can see everywhere when you have a Vetra in your hands, or when you are stepping foot in a brewery that shows as much street culture as tanks and fermenters.

"Birra da Strada is part of our background" – this is Stefano talking, the brewmaster of this dreamy brewery – "when we were younger we were used to seat in a park around a few tasty and craft beers, and after talking and drinking for a while anybody of us was moving to our next creative activity: painting on trains, producing beats, skating or BMXing, graffiti spraying, and anything else that the street culture was busy with at that time".

I listen to Stefano's words, and I visualize also what I saw in the brewery: posters of support to Vans parties, collab beers with bike companies, support to graffiti crews, and special cans for the iconic paint spray brand Loop.

Vetra Loop – A bit of music into a can of Session IPA

Loop is also the name of the beers we are canning today: "I have been traveling the world to learn the art of brewing and to get any contamination from all over the world" – still Stefano talking – "but the main characteristic I want to achieve with Vetra Beers is the high drinkability. We love to explore, find new flavors, and experiment with ingredients, but the goal we always have in mind is a beer you will never have enough of". And this is exactly the case of Loop: fresh session IPA, quite light but "something you can drink for the whole summer" – to use Stefano's words.

You can have the feeling of the beers and the communications that are coming out from Vetra Brewery are social based, beers created with a community to be enjoyed within a community.

Wondercraft and the One-Shot Beers

Community always in focus. I realize that when I am at the brewery during canning day: my eyes drop on a colorful and I can't stop asking around about it. This is part of the Wondercraft '23 project. At Vetra they decided to bring together a few friends breweries and experiment with a one-shot brew, just to explore the boundaries of taste and the pleasure of getting together.

I can see three beers on the project, for the moment: 

But, wait a second: Loop, Kinki, Anche Meno, Tropicalia. All these beer names remind me of something musical.

"Of course Stefano" – it is Stefano, the brewer Stefano – "every beer of ours is dedicated to a certain music, or at least inspired by something related to it". 

Funk Etno-beat from the east side of Rome

"Take this last collab beer, for example" – Stefano picks up a can of Tropicalia – "for the drop of this fruity sour we decided to go and discover a sound that can be comparable with the freshness of the beer. So we found these vibes that are rocking the eastern streets of Rome cracking a very peculiar sound: a Funk-Etno-Beat almost unknown in Italy but hyper-appreciated in the trendy and underground clubs of Berlin and the US".


"Yep, this music is just wow, and for the launch of Tropicalia we called a DJ and we played his music in a few clubs in Rome while having a blast".

And the next beer

Collabs, core, seasonal, awesome brews. I could continue talking with Stefano for a couple of more hours, but I ask him a question that sounds like a see ya: "What's your favorite?"

"A cheesy way to answer would be the next one" – his answer – "but I actually love the Vetra Pils, who made us win a few international awards. But I'm also looking forward to the day I will brew an English-style beer, maybe a bitter, an Italian Bitter".

I go out from the brewery by having the feeling that at Vetra they really speak my same language, not only because they are Italian like I am, but also because backgrounds, passions, (street)-style, beer taste, and attitudes are quite similar to mine. Like when I am heading to the door and I see Stefano heading to his vehicle carrying a few boxes and saying "I love when I bring my work home".

Well, buddy, you should be proud of doing it!

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