What animal would your drink be? Wandering into the InDrinks Glasgow

Discovering the UK craft drinks community by asking questions about packaging, drinks and animals.

It's not only with craft drinks, but with anything we do as humans, we like to project ourselves into something different, pretty often happens that these projections move into animals. It comes from our childhood, as kids we always play like: "Now I am a liooooooon" or "Slow like a tuuuuuurtle!" ehm, probably this doesn't happen so often, but you know what I mean. But this game usually proceeds into a kind of comfort zone to analize places where you are not used to being.

This was the case of me walking around the InDrinks show in Glasgow. It was the first time for me in the country of the green hills and Sir Chris Hoy, but mostly it was the first time for me into a show with so many creative craft drink manufacturers and extrovert people.

The craft drinks community is sparkling and multicolor everywhere in the world, but I would be a liar if I said that the Scottish one is not one of the most solid as well as creative of the full European spectrum. You nimbly move from an oat milk drink to a spiced hard selz landing comfortably into a whisky bottle or a beer can – ça va sans dire.
Bouncing into spice malts and Brewdog aluminum cans I found something similar though, it looked like many drinks brands had an animal in their name or in their logo. So here the idea came quickly: "Jumping into the drinks community is probably easier than entering into other communities" – this was my first thought – "but I could use a silly question as an icebreaker" This was my creative idea".

By how crazy the idea was, well, interesting were the results, ending up with funny answers and a lot of friends.
And you, if your drink was an animal, what would it be?

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Dit is een H2

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Dit is een H3

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Dit is een H4

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Dit is een H5

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Dit is een H6

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