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We will fully take care of your aluminum packaging needs providing digitally printed and blank cans

At Nomoq, we are well known in the cans scene as that company that makes any creative dream come true thanks to our disrupting technology that makes metal drink packaging absolutely irresistible through fine printing and millions of colours. Well, only thanks to this incredibly deep knowledge and open ears to our customer base, we can be conscious that from time to time even a blank can makes a difference.

Any drink company has different needs, and we like to support all of them in their journeys, no matter what.

We know, for example, that many in the craft drink community still have some labels that need to be glued to cans, or that they like to experiment with different decoration techniques and crazy ideas. But as the needs are that different, the goal is all the same: acquiring some peace of mind when it comes to logistics and warehousing.

So, here we go, from today on, NOMOQ is proud to be the can partner for brands of any size and shape, providing Digitally Printed Cans and Blank Cans.

The Market of Cans

The beverage market is blooming in both Continental Europe and the United Kingdom.

The European soft beverage industry is projected to reach over €162.51 billion in revenue in 2024º, with the European alcoholic beverage industry to reach even higher at €219.82 billionº. With such significant projections, it is clear there is an incredible need for the packaging industry to play its part and ensure the circular economy is intact to improve and maintain sector sustainability.

Close to that also the UK beverage industry was projected to reach over £8 billion in revenue at the end of 2023 with 22.2million users by 2027 as Brits are set to become a nation of canned beverage consumers due to changing drinking habits post-pandemic and a desire for fully recyclable packaging. This shows the demand for canned products will remain strong throughout 2024 and beyond.

So, NOMOQ’s growing portfolio of blank cans allows craft beverage businesses to consolidate their packaging supply chains whilst maintaining high-quality solutions as the demand for aluminium cans remains high. Keeping in mind that the most sustainable solutions in terms of recyclability and circular economy still stand on the Digitally Printed cans side of the spectrum.

The leap into the blank cans world

Why did even move into the undecorated cans trading world then? Easy: to support any drink company in their dreamful journey.

And we identified these few benefits.

  1. Sustainable logistics: Customers can now streamline their supply chain by sourcing both digitally printed and unprinted cans from a single distributor, simplifying the procurement process and enhancing overall efficiency. Bulk shipments from a single source reduce overall CO2 impact, aligning with NOMOQ's own commitment to eco-friendly practices.
  2. Cost Efficiency: By consolidating can orders from a single warehouse, customers stand to benefit from reduced transportation costs. Filling a delivery lorry with cans from the same location ensures a more cost-effective shipping solution.
  3. 24/7 Convenience: Customers can order blank silver cans and digitally printed, branded cans through NOMOQ’s e-commerce platform in one simple location at any time.

We are happy to serve you with all our Cans

Our blank cans will be available in 330ml and 440ml sizes (with more possibilities on demand) to allow craft beverage businesses to consolidate their packaging supply chains whilst maintaining high quality and outstanding customer service.

If you want to know more about our journey and our rich portfolio of solutions, then, just get in touch and we will be more than happy to wrap for you a comprehensive consultation for your packaging solution.

ºSource: Statista

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